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For those that are interested in being part of this production, whether on the boards or part of the production crew.

Then this is for you.

This is an outline of the show, with all the characters needed to put on this fabulous play!

Note the audition dates, and the brief descriptions of the characters.

If you feel one of these roles, cast or crew, would suit you…….. Go on give it a go!!

Note also the rehearsal schedule and the key dates.

 TOPS likes to create a close, friendly team, supporting each other to produce a fantastic show.

So your commitment is important!


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The Offord Players

Proudly Present

Alan Ayckbourn’s



Production Dates 16th – 18th May 2019



Set in the present time, a shy North Country Widower attempts to escape from his loneliness by joining his local Amateur Light Operatic Society!  By accident, rather than by design, (in fact by not being able to say “No” to anything be it a request to obtain confidential information from his Company or an offer of illicit sex!) he advances from a one-line part to the Leading Role!


As the Play unfolds, Ayckbourn skillfully draws parallels between John Gay’s “The Beggar’s Opera”, and the day-to-day activities of the Amateur Society Members who are performing it.  Throughout the play the Characters keep us entertained as they bound from one rehearsal to the next and keep us laughing as their real-life dramas seem to be bought to life on the stage more than their actual parts are!


Will the tuneful Musical Director Mr Ames be able to learn all the Score in time?

Will any of the Cast Members ever remember their lines?

Will introverted Lead Role Guy Jones really be able to pull it off?

Will despairing Director Daafydd ap Llewellyn ever get his show off the ground?


This fast-paced play is guaranteed to leave you on an exhausted high!


                               AUDITION DATES:                                Sunday 3rd February 2019 (7:00pm – 9:30pm)

                                                                                                                    Tuesday 5th February 2019 (7:30pm – 9:30pm)


                                                              PERFORMANCE DATES:                  Thursday 16th May 2019

                                                                  Friday 17th May 2019

                                                                        Saturday 18th May 2019


If you want to contact us, use the contact page Here and email us


CHARACTERS:               Guy Jones                                  Widower                      (Male / 50-60)

                                                Dafydd ap Llewellyn             Director                       (Male / 50-60)

                                                Hannah Llewellyn                 Directors’ Wife           (Female / 50-60)

                                                Bridget Baines                         Landlords’ Daughter   (Female / 20-30)

                                                Mr Ames                                    Rehearsal Pianist        (Male / 40-50)

                                                Enid Washbrook                    Society Member         (Female / 50-60)

                                                Rebecca Huntly-Pike            Society Member         (Female / 40-50)

                                                Fay Hubbard                            Society Member         (Female / 30-40)

                                                Ian Hubbard                             Society Member         (Male / 30-40)

                                                Jarvis Huntley-Pike              Society Member         (Male / 40-50)

                                                Ted Washbrook                       Society Member         (Male / 50-60)

                                                Crispin Usher                           Society Member         (Male / 20-30)

                                                Linda Washbrook                   Society Member         (Female / 20-30)           


Cast List


GUY JONES – Widower (Male / 50-60)

Shy and reserved, quite the people pleaser, Guy grows in confidence as the play progresses


DAFYDD AP LLEWELLYN – Director (Male / 50-60)

Animated, loud and oblivious to people’s feelings, Dafydd is shocked when his wife tells it as it is


HANNAH LLEWELLYN – Directors’ Wife (Female / 50-60)

Down trodden wife and unappreciated mother, Hannah has had enough and finally stands up to Dafydd


BRIDGET BAINES – Landlords’ Daughter (Female / 20-30)

Unrefined, unimpressed and under no illusions, Bridget is a fiery pocket-rocket and she’s gonna blow!


MR AMES – Rehearsal Pianist (Male / 40-50)

Reliable, dependable but easily distracted, Mr Ames sees all and hears all but keeps himself to himself


REBECCA HUNTLY-PIKE – Society Member             (Female / 40-50)

A stalwart pillar of the community knows everything about everyone and gets preoccupied with gossip


JARVIS HUNTLY-PIKE – Society Member (Male / 40-50)

Quite disinterested in “office politics” likes to amuse himself with his annoyingly endless “wit”


FAY HUBBARD – Society Member (Female / 30-40)

Flirty, attention seeking and disloyal to her husband, Fay loves it when a new Kid comes to Town!


IAN HUBBARD – Society Member (Male / 30-40)

Business man, self-important is probably there to keep tabs on; or keep up with; his provocative wife!


TED WASHBROOK – Society Member (Male / 50-60)

Quite, non-confrontational and quite the gentleman, Ted is diplomatic no matter what the situation


ENID WASHBROOK – Society Member (Female / 50-60)

Meek and mild if not slightly dithery, Enid is ever humble and apologetic


LINDA WASHBROOK – Society Member (Female / 20-30)

Daughter to Ted and Enid Linda is a down-to-earth kind of girl who’s quietly impressed by Crispin


CRISPIN USHER – Society Member (Male / 20-30)

   Quite the Society heart throb, Crispin is edgy, arrogant and can be undesirably outspoken         




                 Rehearsal Schedule












FEBRUARY Sunday 3rd Village Hall AUDITION – 1
  Tuesday 5th Village Hall AUDITION – 2
  Sunday 10th Village Hall Full Cast Read-Through
  Tuesday 12th Church Room  
  Sunday 17th Village Hall  
  Tuesday 19th Village Hall  
  Sunday 24th Village Hall  
  Tuesday 26th Village Hall  
MARCH Sunday 3rd Village Hall  
  Tuesday 5th Village Hall  
  Sunday 10th Village Hall  
  Tuesday 12th Church Room  
  Sunday 17th Village Hall BOOKS DOWN
  Tuesday 19th Village Hall  
  Sunday 24th Village Hall  
  Tuesday 26th Village Hall  
  Sunday 31st Village Hall  
APRIL Tuesday 2nd Village Hall  
  Sunday 7th Village Hall  
  Tuesday 9th Church Room  
  Sunday 14th Village Hall  
  Tuesday 16th Village Hall  
  Sunday 21st NO REHEARSAL (Easter Sunday)
  Tuesday 23rd Village Hall  
  Sunday 28th Village Hall  
MAY Tuesday 30th  Village Hall  
  Sunday 5th Village Hall DRESS / TECH
  Tuesday 7th Village Hall DRESS / TECH
  Sunday 14th Village Hall FULL RUN THROUGH
  16th – 18th Village Hall PRODUCTION RUN
  Sunday 19th Village Hall BREAK SET





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