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Goodbye to TOPS?

Dear friends and supporters,

The Offord PlayerS has been with us since 1996. We have presented 53 shows, in the process entertaining thousands of local people and providing great fun and artistic opportunities for all involved.

However, with the decline in our membership, in particular that of our core ‘Players’, it is now simply impracticable to embark on any new shows. Which is a real shame given the fact that our local facilities in the hall are better than ever, and the appetite for live entertainment from local audiences is as strong as ever.

But the fact remains that we are simply unable to consider putting on any more TOPS shows; we just do not have the people to do so. Therefore, we are likely to take steps to formally end TOPS in accordance with our constitution in the near future. But before we do so we wanted to ask our friends and supporters for views on how they might help TOPS remain an active group. We know you will be disappointed about this turn of events but what active part would you be willing to play in the group to ensure its survival?

Please let us have any such practical contributions as soon as possible. We will be reviewing our decision in May.

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 Sarah Hogben
The Offord Players

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